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StickUp Monsters Enamel Pins


Image of StickUp Monsters Enamel Pins
  • Image of StickUp Monsters Enamel Pins

StickUp Monsters enamel pins! Get them separately or in a set that contains all 5 designs plus Watari Kappa for free. Getting the full set is currently the only way to get Watari Kappa.

If you want to buy separately, please check the list before choosing to make sure you order the one you want!

Sizes vary depending on the design, but they are all about 4x4cm.

Wananeko head and Dorobanii (thumbs up) were designed by Javier Jimenez.
Full body Wananeko, Dorobanii and Watari Kappa pins were designed by Nik Castaneda: https://omelettecounty.carbonmade.com/

Pinheadz are produced by MARTIAN TOYS.

Shipping cost is for certified mail with tracking number.
The cost of regular, non certified mail is €4 for one pin or €11 for several. If you'd like me to ship uncertified (AT YOUR OWN RISK), let me know in the order notes and I will refund you part of the shipping cost.