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"Pastel Virus" Andy the Cat


Image of "Pastel Virus" Andy the Cat
  • Image of "Pastel Virus" Andy the Cat
  • Image of "Pastel Virus" Andy the Cat

This is Andy the Cat! a foodie pilgrim that travels the world looking for new food to try.

He used to be a house cat, and his owners would watch cooking shows on TV all day. He dreamed of tasting those delicious dishes he saw, but then his owners would serve him diet dry food only...so one day he scaped and decided to devote his life to wander the world in a quest to try every dish on Earth!

He's often mistaken with a magician, and when people ask him to do some magic trick, he does the only one he knows: making food disappear


Character design by Javier Jiménez.
Produced by Watari Dreams.
3 points of articulation + 2 accesories (hat and staff)
Approximately 15cm tall (5.9")
Vinyl toy made in China.

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