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Magical Cat Wananeko


Image of Magical Cat Wananeko

"He can talk and he's a witch's best friend! He's Magical Cat Wananeko!"

This release was prepared in honor of Piesito, our rescued cat who suffered a fourth degree luxation in both his back legs and just had surgery this week.

Piesito was rescued by the cat welfare society Maullidos Invisibles, and all proceeds from this sale will go towards paying for Piesito's vet bills including the expensive surgery and meds. Any money left after that will be donated to Maullidos Invisibles.

Wananeko (Magical Cat)
5.5" Soft vinyl (sofubi) toy.
Character design by Javier Jiménez.
Sculpt by Victor Marin.
Hand painted by Javier Jiménez.
Made in Japan.